Sand Me Series!

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Sand Me Series is a DIY series which is focus on the process of sanding. The process of sanding is very therapeutic and the unveiling of the beautiful colour hidden underneath is an exciting experience!


Each of our pieces are lovingly handcrafted in our Singapore studio. They are design to be use in various ways - as trinkets trays, coasters, jewellery holder or simply decorative purposes, so don’t limit your imagination! All our pieces are unique and not one is the same. Each of our babies will definitely bring joy and colours into your life!

Includes in pack:
2 x Sandpaper (80 and 240)
1 x Sealant set (includes beeswax sealant and sponge for application)
1 pair of rubber glow

10cm(diameter) x 1.2cm (height)

Eco-friendly & sustainable eco-resin
Sealed with food safe beeswax

Clean gently with a soft damp cloth and avoid using dishwasher.

Every piece has been made with love by hand, each piece is never the same and thus some colours and patterns may vary slightly from the images you see.
Due to the nature of the material, air bubbles and surface irregularities are part of the material beauty

If you wish to make this to order do email us at or drop us a DM for commission pieces, bulk orders and customisation request!

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