Marble Pour-On-Canvas Workshop

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Are you mesmerized by the alluring swirls of marble? Want to bring out the artist in you using a new medium? At this workshop we will teach you how to achieve this using the eco-friendly and quick drying Jesmonite. 

We will share with you the amazing properties of Jesmonite and teach you the various techniques in making your marble masterpiece which includes - colour mixing and pouring techniques.

Product size: 8cm x 8cm (circular or square)

- This workshop is perfect for kids age 5 and above.
- Jesmonite is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based material and does not emits harmful gases.
- Jesmonite is not acrylic nor is it a resin.
- It is safe to the skin as well as the environment.
- It just need to be air dry (30mins to harden), no firing or baking required.

Workshop is approximate 1hr and the best part you can take home your very creation at on the same day and display it in your homes!

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If you and 5 other friends (6 pax total) would like to learn together, drop us a DM at our to arrange for a private workshop!

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