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Proudly Made in Singapore!

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In Collaboration with Garden City Fund, a portion of our online sale will contribute to planting a tree in Singapore!

Chokmah + Garden City Fund

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About Us

CHOKMAH (pronounce as hokmah - means Divine Wisdom in Hebrew) is a brand of modern, sustainable, handcrafted lifestyle products and artisanal surface design material based in Singapore.

Sustainable l Functional l Beautiful

Our products are made from Eco-friendly Jesmonite and our mission is focus in minimising waste to the environment through the products we make. Global waste growth will outpace population growth by 2050 and this will be a huge problem and will put pressure on our ecosystem.

CHOKMAH wants to be a leader in the fight in reducing waste to the environment, thus we have developed a ‘No-Waste Production’ method with minimal machinery usage which ensure each of our pieces are made with very low carbon footprint while ensuring a long lifespan so it doesn't end up in the landfills.

In collaboration with  GARDEN CITY FUND , a portion of our online sales goes to the "Plant-A-Tree" program where every tree planted contributes to the One Million Trees Movement to plant 1 million trees over the next 10 years in Singapore.

At CHOKMAH, we believe in being responsible to the environment. We believe in - Saving Humanity by Saving the Earth.

We Do Customisation Too!

We hear you and we are happy to take on any customisation request.

Simply drop us a DM at our Instagram page link below and one of our friendly staff will contact you soon!

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